Thursday, 08 November 2018 14:11

WordPress Beginner Tutorial #3: Why Choose WordPress?

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In this video, we explain why you should choose WordPress. Out of all the website builders in the world, why is WordPress the best?

First, WordPress is free. Not only does it come at no cost, but it's license also makes it free. No-one can restrict what you can or cannot do with WordPress.

Second, there are excellent hosting options which make it easy to run your WordPress site. Companies like GoDaddy make it easy to install WordPress and make it run quickly and safely.

Third, WordPress is easy. It's super simple to write posts, add images, and express yourself.

Fourth, WordPress has many, many extra features available. The Plugin Directory at has over 45,000 free plugins.

Fifth, WordPress looks beautiful. There are over 4,000 themes available at, plus there are many commercial theme options: You can also build your own WordPress theme with a framework such as

Sixth, WordPress is under constant, active development. WordPress 1.0 came out in 2004 and there have been regular releases ever since. This means that WordPress continues to get better.

Finally, WordPress is popular. This means that many people and companies depend on WordPress, so they put a huge amount of time and energy into making it great.

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